December 19, 2014

Colletti Speaks Out on Possible Peavy Move

Was listening to Dan Patrick this morning on the way to the office and was fortunate enough to catch part of his interview with Ned Colletti.  Dan launched into questions regarding the possible Peavy move to Chicago, and Ned was his usual laid-back self when responding.  A couple of interesting tidbits did come up, including:

– Colletti had been keeping tabs on the situation and last spoke to Padres GM Kevin Towers about a month ago

– Towers was going to make the Dodgers pay a lot more than other clubs given the proximity, rivalry, etc. (no shocker there)

– The asking price from the Dodgers included THREE players on their current roster, plus one top prospect

Whatever, Towers!  Ned was clearly right to say no to that deal, as I’m sure the three players on their current roster would include at least a couple everyday starters that, if traded, would have created a small mutiny among the Dodger faithful.  No need sacrificing the future for another starter today.  If anything, I’m way more concerned about the bullpen these days than I am the starting rotation.  Oh, Ned answered a bunch of Manny questions as well, but nothing earth-shattering was reported here, other than he was just as dissapointed in Manny as everyone else is.