November 23, 2014

Celebrate Jon SooHoo…Tonight!

If there’s one Dodgers game that I would personally like to be at, it’s tonight’s game.  Not because it’s against the hated San Francisco Giants or because of anything happening during the game, but because the Dodgers will be honoring team photographer Jon SooHoo for his incredible 25 years of service with the club covering both home and road games.

Jon will be throwing out the first pitch tonight, and his family and photographer colleagues will be on hand for the celebration.  The Dodgers will also show an in-game video tribute to SooHoo’s 25 years with the team, and some of Jon’s favorite photos are featured in the 2010 Dodgers Yearbook, the 2010 Alumni Newsletter and this month’s edition of Dodgers Magazine.  Needless to say, SooHoo is the longest-tenured photographer in Dodger franchise history.

Faithful readers of this blog will know that Alex and I are huge fans of Jon’s work, and had the opportunity to interview and shadow him during a Spring Training game earlier this year.  Both articles provide an inside look at Jon’s career, what inspires him and what how he keeps churning out fantastic images, night after night.

I’m also happy to report that Jon’s an even better person than he is a photographer.  Even now, months later, whenever Jon sees me at the ballpark covering a game, he makes a point to come over, say hello and catch up.  It’s those personal bonds that build the trust he has with the Dodger players and coaches.  As a result, he’s granted fantastic clubhouse access, allowing him to catch the highs and lows, both during the downtime, as well as during the game.

And knowing Jon, I’m sure he hates all the attention coming his way, but like Vin Scully and Nancy Bea Hefley, Jon provides a critical connection between the action on the field and the fans following the game.

Congratulations buddy…you deserve it!