November 26, 2014

Bring Vin Scully With You When You’re On The Road

Yup, it’s true.  While Alex and his wife were settling in at home with their new daughter, I was on vacation in Hawaii.  Of course I needed to get my daily Dodgers fix, and with that I give you the Major League Baseball’s iPhone application At Bat 2009

It’s on the spendy side at $9.99, but that, my friends, is truly a small price to pay for having the opportunity to select the live radio broadcast of ANY ongoing game in the major leagues (no blackouts – if the game’s going on, you can listen).  I found it fascinating to listen to Vin call a play, and then immediately after a big moment, I’d switch over to hear the opposing broadcast team react.  Pretty damn cool.  And if you didn’t appreciate the beautiful cadence and rhythm of Scully’s storytelling, then this is the service that will make you appreciate it.

Lot’s of other people love this app too.  Apparently MLB and Apple have sold more than 130,000 copies in less than one month since it was released.

Oh, the app does a ton of other cool things for the inner baseball geek in all of us: scoreboard updates, pitch-by-pitch summaries, game recaps, etc.  This has got to my favorite new iPhone application…frankly, there’s nothing better than lying on the beaches of Oah’u in the late afternoon after a long day of surfing and hear that distinctive voice say those immortal words: “It’s time for Dodger baseball!”

Pretty damn cool, indeed.

A High Fly Ball to Right Field…

Hard to believe Kirk Gibson’s legendary, series-changing home run in Game 1 if the 1988 World Series was 20 years ago today.  I remember it well: I was 18 and on a college tour with my parents somewhere on the East Coast.  At that moment, I was watching the game with my mom and explaining the improbability of the Dodgers winning the series without Gibson in the game.  It ranks as my favorite Dodgers moment of all time, and I can still hear Vin Scully in my head saying incredulously, “The impossible has happened!”  How can that not give you chills?  Hard to believe that was the first come from behind, walk-off HR in World Series history.

I wish I could pull the clip from Ken Burns’ “Baseball” documentary, as he put together a great piece on “the moment,” interviewing everyone associated with this game, but instead I found the clip on YouTube.  Rather than rehashing a moment we all know so well, I thought I would share other’s takes on the home run from the Detroit Free-Press (this is great) and the Los Angeles Times.

So where you, Dodger fans?  Let’s hear your stories!  And Gibby, dust off those cleats and meet us out at the Ravine…we need you for Game 5!

The Impeccable Vin Scully


There’s a nice article on Vin Scully in the current issue of Variety.  One interesting tidbit from the story: Scully has broadcast more than 10,000 games over 59 years with the Dodgers.  Think about it.  59 years!  While those are staggering numbers for any career, it’s even more remarkable when you recall that it’s all with one team in two cities.  I know Tommy Lasorda gets a lot of votes when you talk about who best represents the heart and soul of the Dodgers, but for me no one compares to Vin Scully.

One last tip: if you want to hear Vin call some legendary games from the 50’s and 60’s, be sure and visit the Museum of Television and Radio in either New York or Los Angeles.  In both locations you can visit an audio/visual library and sit and listen to a selection of games they have on file.  It’s an amazing experience and will make you appreciate Vin’s talents all the more.