December 18, 2014

Kershaw Wins, Jones Loses, Dodgers Sweep

Wow. Today was a crazy day for the Dodgers.

Clayton Kershaw has certainly been coming along, and today’s 2-0 win, which featured six innings without any runs, was the best outing yet in his 10 game major league career.

The Dodgers, meanwhile, make it back to the .500 mark but still trail the D-Backs by a game as everyone in the NL west seems to win and lose in synchronicity these days.

In other news, Andruw “Tubbo” Jones finally got a $36 million dollar wake-up call. Jones and his .166 batting average will be riding the pine as the Dodgers take on the Giants in their upcoming series. He got a brief appearance against the Nationals but Andre Ethier is the man who has been asked to do what Jones can’t – hit the ball. Jones has been told to spend time with the hitting coaches and that those with better batting averages will be filling his spot until further notice.