December 18, 2014

Dodgers-Diamondbacks Post-Game Comments

Here are the post-game comments from Joe Torre, Travis Schlichting, Garret Anderson and Carlos Monasterios:

Joe Torre

On Travis Schlichting and the performance of the pitchers:

“Schlichting pitched his tail off, as everyone else did.  I have no clue where we’re going to go from here.”

“That’s the one area that’s made a big difference in our ball club.  Anyone who tells you that pitching isn’t a main part of the game should take a look at those numbers.”

On Garret Anderson:

“He’s a pro.  I’m happy for him.  He’s a guy that’s used to playing all the time.  Playing off the bench isn’t the same, but he comes in like a pro every day and it’s nice having him here.”

On Carlos Monasterios:

I thought he was terrific.  I took him out because he had a little blister.  That’s why he came out of the game, although his pitch count was about where we wanted it.  We were going to send him out there for another inning.”

On Travis Schlichting:

“He’s gone three innings a number of times and his pitch count was pretty good.  But that was going to be his last one and we were going to come with Weaver.  That was something I certainly didn’t want to, but at this point we had no choice.”

On who would have pitched after Jeff Weaver:

“I have no clue.  A lot of it would have depended on that inning.  If [Reed} Johnson has to pitch, now I’m out of players.  Even if you go to a position player, you’re going to have to have a pitcher play someplace.”

On Reed Johnson potentially pitching:

“I don’t know…I didn’t poll anybody.  Short of one of those things, I was hoping that if we weren’t going to score, that it would be Garrett making the last out so at least the next inning I’d have Johnson leading off and I’d have nine guys.  Pick one of those guys to pitch.  But if I had to use him in the 14th inning, then I was going to have to probably use a pitcher to play a position and not pitch, which is something I’ve never had to do.”

On potentially making a roster move to add a reliever:

“Kim [Ng] is out there waiting to talk to me. She’s going to come in and ask me the same question.  I haven’t really digested this yet and I don’t know where we would make room for that person, but we are going to be a bit short, so we’ll have to see.”

Travis Schlichting:

On his performance today:

“I felt great out there.  Last year I was a little nervous coming out, and this year…I just felt more relaxed and calm out there which is a good thing to feel.”

Garret Anderson:

On how big the game-winning hit was for him personally:

“I don’t really worry about myself personally too much. I just try and contributed as much as I can with what I got and fortunately I was able to do something today when it counted.”

On the fans getting restless:

“I’ve had that before and it’s well deserved.  I don’t mind hearing boos when I’m out there not doing the things I’m capable of doing.  So yeah, I’ll take those boos.”

Carlos Monasterios:

On how soon he can throw:

“I can throw.  We’ll see tomorrow.”

On how happy he was with how he pitched:

“Very happy.” (with a huge grin)