December 21, 2014

Celebrity Dodger Fans: From Frank Sinatra to Alyssa Milano


Back in the day, Tommy Lasorda’s clubhouse office was well known as the place where celebrities and athletes rubbed elbows. The office walls were covered with shots of Tommy with his pals, and it certainly wasn’t uncommon to see Frank Sinatra in the Clubhouse before a game.

Today, one of the biggest celebrity fans of the Dodgers is season ticket holder and actress Alyssa Milano. Now I know what you’re thinking, but Alyssa really is passionate about her team, and has a blog to prove it (well, I guess having a blog doesn’t prove anything, but her content does). Check it out here. She also did some post-season work with TBS’ “Hot Corner” broadband service and has launched her own clothing line for female baseball fans…and I’m certainly not against having more ladies out at the ballpark!

I’m sure Alyssa’s blog will kick into high gear once Spring Training and the regular season start, and recommend checking it out. Unlike Frank, she’s got an interesting take on the Dodgers, and at, we’re all about supporting great blogs and points of view.

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Tiger Woods gets personalized Sandy Koufax Autograph

Tiger Woods is an L.A. Dodgers Fan

Tiger Woods’ autograph is hard to come by.  He gives it very sparingly and uses Upper Deck to help limit forgeries that typically flood the market for autographs.

Tiger himself has only asked for two autographs in his entire life.  The first was from boxing great Muhammad Ali.  Who was the other?

Dodger great Sandy Koufax.

Why Koufax?  It turns out that Tiger Woods is a lifelong Dodger fan and has always felt that Sandy Koufax, along with Jackie Robinson, epitomized what the Dodgers were all about

Said Woods, “I’ve been a Dodger fan my entire life, and Koufax is the man.  For pitchers, you wouldn’t think of any other player.  During [five years in the 1960s] nobody could catch him.”

Tiger actually secured the autograph by reaching out to his sources at Upper Deck.  He mentioned to them that if any of them had contact with Koufax, could they possibly ask for an autograph.  The next time that Tiger bumped into his Upper Deck source, the rep handed him a baseball with a personalized inscription.

Woods has placed the ball amongst his other trophies and memorabilia.  “It’s at home in my bedroom, sitting right there.”

Tiger Woods – Golf Superstar and L.A. Dodgers Fan!