October 24, 2014

Lauren Conrad Brings Dodgers Luck

What a game!!!  Andrew Ethier is back, baby!  As in back to back walk off hits.  Take that Phillies fans…2008 was certainly your year, but the Dodgers have a new attitude and a whole new set of clutch players in 2009.

Looks like Lauren Conrad brought the Dodgers a little luck as well!  Following are a few photos from the pre-game festivities.

Lauren Conrad Throws Out the First Pitch Against the Phillies

Lauren Conrad Throws Out the First Pitch Against the Phillies

"The Hills" star Lauren Conrad with Dodger Brad Ausmus

"The Hills" star Lauren Conrad with Dodger Brad Ausmus


"The Hills" star Lauren Conrad with Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt

"The Hills" star Lauren Conrad with Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt

Photo Credit: Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers 2009

Shawn Johnson Pitching With The Stars (Dodgers)

Shawn Johnson Dodger Stadium

Before the Dodgers dropped a game to the D-backs 3-2, Shawn Johnson donned a Dodger Jersey and threw out the first pitch (in flip flops no less) to Casey Blake…who is apparently a big fan of Johnson’s.

Shawn Johnson and Casey Blake

Photo credits: LA Dodgers

Dodgers Go 13-0 at Home; Show Bloggers the Love

What a game, eh?  I think what I love the most about this team are the variety of ways they get the job done.  Tonight’s game looked to be a pitchers duel and then bam!, here come the runs. In all fairness, it could have been a lot worse for the Nationals…I think Manny came to the plate twice with the bases loaded, right?

And while the streak is nice, one of the things that I like most about it is that it has fans caring more than they normally do about Dodger baseball in early May.  It was cool to be at the game tonight.   The Kardashian girls threw out the first pitches….Larry King was in the house (giving yours truly a knowing head nod outside the suites)…and Jon Weisman from Dodger Thoughts was there too!

Tonight was also the Dodgers second annual Blogger Night at Dodger Stadium and the turnout was fantastic.  I’m estimating that there was nearly double the attendance of last year, with all of your favorite blogs representing, including Dodger Thoughts, the Sons of Steve Garvey, True Blue LA, Dodger Dugout, The Trolley Dodger and Blue Heaven,  plus some blogs new to the Dodgers scene (or maybe just to me) like LAist (who knew they were this into the Dodgers?), isportsweb.com, Baseball Savvy and Bleacher Bums.  If I left out your blog, drop me a line!  Let’s just say that the Dodgers are building a nice community here based out of respect and mutual admiration.  There is some fantastic writing going on here – check it out.

Big props to PR Guru Josh Rawitch and his team, including Drew and Amy, for their hospitality.  Dodger fans, let me tell you, this team gets social media.  Lots to talk about in the weeks and months ahead, but let me just say now, this is one progressive communications team.  Personally, I’m very excited to be apart of it all, and I can’t thank them enough for the insight they provide to our site and others on an ongoing basis.  The value of perspective is an important thing, and it doesn’t mean we’re “selling out” when we express the Dodgers’ point of view.  Rather, it allows us to create more informed pieces of content that are still anchored in our personal opinions, but are pieces that are also balanced by the other side (whether that’s in print or not).

Anyway, tonight started out with a visit by General Manager Ned Colletti. I wish I had more to report here, but I was stuck in traffic so missed hearing Ned’s reflections on the team.  Next up was Chief Marketing Officer Dr. Charles Steinberg.  As a fellow marketer, I really appreciated this guy’s point of view and his belief in the fans to serve as the guiding light for the franchise.  More to come on Charlie in future blog posts, but he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite front office guys.  Next up was KABC “DodgerTalk” broadcasters Ken Levine and Josh Suchon.  Both guys were great, knowledgeable and very personable.  And if you weren’t aware, Ken and Josh have one of the local bloggers on every Sunday as part of their show.  The Dodgerfan.net guys have heard nothing but great things from their fellow bloggers about the experience and we’re looking forward to sharing our unique point of view later in the season!

Ok, it’s late, but there will be more posts, photos and video from tonight’s game coming tomorrow.  Thanks again Dodgers PR Team – you’re setting a great example for PR in Los Angeles and it’s fun to be along for the ride.  Now let’s go out and make it 14-0 tomorrow night!

dodgerfan.net Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Hppy Birthday dodgerfan.net

So it’s hard to believe, but the end of December marks the one-year anniversary of dodgerfan.net.  We’ve learned a tremendous amount about running a blog over the past 12 months and are proud of what we’ve started, and, most importantly, the people we’ve met along the way.  This includes the Sons of Steve Garvey (our blogging role models) for their wit, encouragement and enthusiasm, as well as a collection of other Dodger bloggers and writers that we enjoy reading, including Dodger Thoughts, Blue Heaven, The Trolley Dodger, Robots Took My Medicine, Blue Notes and Inside the Dodgers.  Josh Rawitch at the Dodgers (the author of the other Inside the Dodgers blog) deserves a special shout out for his help, knowledge and hospitality to a couple of novice bloggers.

Faithful readers will know the ultimate highlight of the year came very early on in the season with “Blogger Night” at the Ravine, when Josh gave a few lucky Dodger bloggers the opportunity to discuss the state and future of Dodger baseball with the likes of Frank McCourt, Ned Colletti and Tommy Lasorda.  Being in the communications business, it was refreshing to see an organization like the Dodgers treat the blogging community seriously.

Other highlights included the 50th Anniversary celebration, the Manny Ramirez and Casey Blake signings, the sweep of the Cubs, the fight with the Phillies, the continued brilliance of Vin Scully, Joe Torre being Joe Torre, Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp, James Loney, Andre Ethier, Russell Martin, Blake Dewitt, Tiger Woods, Troy from West Virginia…the list goes on.

Over the past year we’ve had more than 5,700 people visit the site from 60 countries around the world, so we’ve saved our biggest thank you for all the Dodger fans out there.  2008 was a great start for the Dodgers and for dodgerfan.net, and we look forward to celebrating more milestones with all of you in the years ahead.  Enjoy the new site and we’ll see you in Spring Training!

Chris and Alex

From Vince Vaughn to Ellen Pompeo, The Stars Come Out for the Dodgers


So we know that many of you are eager to see what Hollywood stars that came out to see the Dodgers in the playoffs.  According to ESPN, here’s who was in attendance for Game 3 against the Cubs (I’ll try and add some photos of these stars from the game later tonight).  Ellen Pompeo is representing the women?  Where’s Alyssa Milano?  (maybe she’s been going, but she’s not keeping her blog up to date…must be that clothing line).  Where’s Jennifer Aniston? (not sure she’s a baseball fan, but it would be great to see her there).  Come on Hollywood, we can do better than this! I expect a better turnout during the NLCS!

Stars at Game 3 included: Vince Vaughn, Ellen Pompeo, Dennis Haysbert, Pierce Brosnan, Larry King, Paul Walker, James Denton, Isiah Thomas and Eric Balfour (NOTE: I also heard Baron Davis was also rockin’ it at the Ravine on Saturday night).