November 24, 2014

Manny Offer Is In; Penny Gone

So Ned reportedly made a play for Manny, but it surely is a two-year deal for $55 million.  A nice move, but does anyone seriously think Manny is going to take that?  Not with Boras as his agent!  Good thing the Dodgers cleared some salary by buying out Penny’s contract for $2 million (not a pretty penny! sorry, couldn’t help myself…) as they’ll need that for either Ramirez or Sabathia.

On a related note, Blue Notes had an interesting post relating to comments from Steve Henson at Yahoo! Sports on the Padres’ asking price for Jake Peavy:

The Dodgers would be long shots because the Padres are loathe to help their intra-divisional neighbors to the north. It would take Clayton Kershaw or Jonathan Broxton, plus DeWitt and Ethier, just to pique the Padres’ interest.

JUST TO PIQUE THEIR INTEREST!!! Whatever…could you seriously imagine playing the Pad’s and seeing Kershaw on the mound with DeWitt and Eithier behind him?  Unbelievable.

The Brad Penny Key Club Fight Incident

What happens in the offseason stays in the offseason, right? Not if someone takes a video of it and sells it to TMZ!

TMZ is reporting that Dodger pitcher Brad Penny is spending his offseason attempting to hurt that multi million-dollar right hand of his in bar brawls. On Monday, October 27th, Penny and his pals were partying it up at the Key Club in Hollywood. Apparently, a scuffle ensued over a girl and Penny got involved.

Looks like it was an isolated incident and everyone walked away OK, but in our litigious society, who knows what might come of this – just ask Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs…