November 27, 2014

5th Annual Dodgers Blogger Night…Tonight!

Yup, it’s back and Alex and I will be on hand for the festivities. We’ll be catching the game from Ned Colletti’s suite, and hearing from Ned and Stan Kasten (among other special guests) during the course of the game.

This event has really become one of the highlights of the season, primarily due to the way the Dodgers embrace social media and the true openness by their executives and staff.  Looking forward to more of the same tonight, and also catching up with some of our favorite blogging brothers and sisters.

Dodgers Celebrate “The Infield” on Tuesday Night

Now this is a bobblehead I can get behind!  Cey, Russell, Lopes and Garvey.  When I was growing up as a young Dodger fan, these were the first players I really started to get to know.  When Lopes was traded, I was shocked – it never occured to me that the Dodgers would break up this group.

Anyway, as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration, the Dodgers are honoring all four guys on Tuesday night with their own bobblehead, so get out there early.  The current edition of the Playbill also has a cool story on the guys, so pick that up as well.  But one of my favorite articles about the guys was written by Bill Shaikin back in 2008, and it details how the unlikely group first came together, including the surprising addition of a defensively untested Steve Garvey at first base.  Incredibly, the Dodgers went to the World Series four times and the group had 21 All-Star appearances in that nine year run from 1973 to 1981.

From Shaikin’s story:

In 1981, the infield got one last chance. The Dodgers survived three elimination games against the Houston Astros in the division series, then two elimination games against Montreal in the National League Championship Series.

The Yankees awaited. The Dodgers lost the first two games of the World Series, then won the next four. In the last three games of the Series — the last three games the infield played together — Lopes led off, followed by Russell, Garvey and Cey.

Nothing like going out as World Series champs, right?

And for you bobblehead maniacs (and I know you’re out there) this is the first Dodger Stadium bobblehead for Lopes and Russell and the second for Garvey and Cey.

Now go pick up this bobblehead on what’s sure to be a special night at Dodger Stadium.  And get there early as all four guys are throwing out the first pitch.



Dollar Dodger Dogs Tonight!

While Memorial Day is certainly about remembering those who have given their lives in the service of our country, it’s also the unofficial start of summer….and there’s no better way to celebrate a long weekend than watching the Dodgers whoop up on the Milwaukee Brewers, right?  Plus, $1 Dodger Dogs are back for the game!  Mmm….Dodger Dogs.  Game time is 5:10 p.m.,, people.  See you at the Ravine!