December 21, 2014

SOSG Vote: There Can Be Only One

Fans of some of the great Dodger blogs will be very familiar with the humor, wit and sense of community that is fostered over at the Sons of Steve Garvey.  So when I heard that one of the Sons was going to be laid off, I knew we needed to get involved.  After all, I fell victim to a “corporate restructuring” in 2009, and I won’t let that happen to my blogging bretheren!

So far, Roberto over at Vin Scully is My Homeboy has cast his vote for Sax, and now we need to weigh in.  But here’s the challenge: I consider myself friends with two of the Sons…Orel and Sax.  Sax and I even know each other outside of the world of the Dodgers, and I’ve taken an oath to keep his identity a secret (which I have done).  Orel, on the other hand, I know from a myriad of blogger events we’ve been to together over the past few years.

This is almost like picking between two of your kids (well, if I had kids, this is what I imagine it would be like).  When we first launched our site, Orel and Sax from SOSG were the first to reach out to us and show their support, and for that, we’ve always been grateful.

But, as The Highlander says, “There can be only one.”  And that one, is Orel.  The guy is a constant at Dodger events at Chavez Ravine and his willingness to share his thoughts and experiences with other Dodger bloggers to grow the community as a whole is admirable.  Plus, I challenge you to ever see the guy without a smile on his face…maybe it’s those photos of fellow Dodger fans that keep him so happy.

Good luck Orel (and Sax)…we’re pulling for you both, but if push comes to shove, we’re going with Orel! Celebrates Second Anniversary

It’s hard to believe, but is celebrating it’s two-year anniversary this week.  As such, we wanted to pause and give thanks to all of the great people and moments that have made the past year so successful.

In terms of numbers, grew at an extremely rapid pace and we more than quadrupled our readership over the past 12 months, with readers from every state and an additional 94 countries.  While that’s a fantastic accomplishment for the two of us that run this site, we really owe our success to those that have read our work, supported us and challenged us with their own great content and perspective.  As a result, we feel more like veterans of the Dodger blogger community every day.

We definitely owe a huge amount of thanks to Josh Rawitch, VP of Communications for the Dodgers and his team of professionals.  Josh’s forward-thinking approach to social media over the past several years has exponentially enriched our coverage and joy for what we put into this site.  That approach seems to also spread throughout the organization, so our appreciation also extends to Ned Colletti, Joe Torre, Dennis Mannion and the rest of the Dodgers organization who put up with us throughout the year.

We also want to thank our fellow Dodger bloggers and members of the media we’ve either met in the press box at Chavez Ravine, or just had a chance to get to know better this past year.  There simply are too many folks to name here, but some of the people that supported us, given us poitners on proper locker room etiquette, or have just influenced how we cover the team in 2009 include Dylan Hernandez, Diamond Leung, Ken Levine, Tony Jackson, Eric Stephen, Orel and Sax, Josh Suchon and Jon Weisman.   There’s a great sense of community among Dodger bloggers, writers and readers, and you all make that possible.

Finally, there were a number of great moments for us this past year (most notably the organization credentialing bloggers for the press box), s0 if you’re up for a trip down memory lane, check out the following:

- The Opening of Camelback Ranch

- Blogger Night, Part II

- Bloggers in the Press Box

- on TV (scary stuff!)

Finally, thanks again to all of you that read and comment on our content.  We started this site out as lifelong Dodger fans wanting to experiment in social media, and while it’s been far more time consuming than we could have ever expected, we’ve gained far more than that as we provide our take on the team, both on and off the field.  We look forward to continuing that dialogue with you in 2010 beyond, and can’t wait to discover what the future holds for, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Dodger fans everywhere. 

Thanks again!

Chris and Alex

Matt Kemp Shows His Hoops Skills

Great story from fellow Dodgers blogger Roberto over at Vin Scully Is My Homeboy on Matt Kemp’s charity hoops game last night.

Wish I was paying more attention, as I definitely would have checked this out…nice job Roberto with the pics and video!

Photo Credit: Harry How, Getty Images

ESPN Los Angeles Launches Dodgers Coverage

ESPN Los Angeles launched this evening, and as previously reported, Tony Jackson is on board with his first story.  Welcome aboard Tony – we’re happy for you and look forward to continuing to enjoying your coverage of the team!

That said, it’s interesting and somewhat conspicuous to see that as of tonight there is no blogger coverage for the Dodgers on the site.  The Kametzky Brothers are on board with the Land O’ Lakers blog (which at a passing glance looks like a thoroughly entertaining series of posts).  There’s also a Clippers blog and a USC blog.   But why no Angels or Dodgers blog?  I suspect timing is to blame, with these additions coming very soon.  Nevertheless, the Dodgers coverage seems lacking when compared to the Lakers – off-season or not.

Food for thought: do the Raiders deserve a slot on the site?  After all, they were the last NFL team to reside in LA, and we know the passion for the Silver & Black runs deep in So Cal.  Hell, if ESPN is going to include the Angels and the Ducks, shouldn’t they also include Raider Nation?  Full disclosure: I love the Raiders and always will.  I know, I know.  My friends and family can’t understand it either.  Let’s just say I owe it all to Lyle Alzado.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing what ESPN Los Angeles brings to the table and how they contribute to the greater conversation among Dodger fans everywhere.

Rumored ESPN Los Angeles Team is Full of All-Stars

Like all MLB trade rumors, let’s take the following with a grain of salt until all parties have confirmed or denied the accuracy of The Big Lead’s story below.

From The Big Lead:

A source has leaked us the staff for the new team, and Eric Neel, the site’s managing editor, has assembled a talented group of writers. ESPN has done some serious poaching, allegedly stealing writers from the LA Times, LA Daily News, and Sports If all the following names are correct, this lineup is stronger than what ESPNBoston, ESPNDallas and ESPNChicago have assembled. The site launches Monday … just in time for ABC to relentlessly promote it during Lakers-Cavaliers on Christmas Day.

According to our source, this is the assembled team:

* J.A. Adande will be a columnist
* Ramona Shelburne is leaving her columnist position at the LA Daily News to be a staff writer
* Andrew Kamenetzky, who was/is a freelancer for ESPN the Magazine and LA Times Lakers blogger will be an ESPNLA staff writer*
* Brian Kamenetzky, who is/was a freelancer for ESPN the Magazine and LA Times Lakers blogger will be an ESPNLA staff writer*
* Dave McMenamin, who is/was at, will cover the Lakers
* Jon Weisman, who blogs about the Dodgers for the LA Times 
* Arash Markazi, who is’s pop culture maven/resident party guy will be a staff writer
* Tony Jackson, formerly of the LA Daily News, will cover the Dodgers for ESPNLA
[UPDATE]: * We hear that Mark Saxon of the OC Register has been hired to cover USC and the Anaheim Angels.

If true, this is one hell of a collection of some of LA’s best sportswriters and a real coup for in collecting so many of them under one banner (or Web address).  If the site shakes out as outlined above, it really does have the opportunity to eventually change the way in which LA fans get news and communicate about their teams.

So far, in the last hour and a half, both Ramona Shelbourme and Arash Markazi have confirmed their moves via Twitter.  Tony Jackson was confirmed about 10 days ago.  Diamond Leung (long a favorite of Dodger fans everywhere) is also going over to as a college hoops writer.

My question is: what about Jon Weisman?  Either way, we’re lucky to have him covering the Dodgers!