December 19, 2014

Is Ben Sheets the Next Orlando Hudson for the Dodgers?

So I’ve written about this before (way back on April 2, 2009), but the closer we get to Spring Training, the more I think Ben Sheets is secretly Ned Colletti’s #1 choice for the #4 starter slot in the rotation.

Think about it, there really aren’t that many quality starters left on the free agent market and those that are will be looking for long-term deals (Joel Pinero, Jon Garland, etc.).  Then there are the second-tier pitchers (Vicente Padilla, etc.).  That leaves the Big Enigma: Ben Sheets.

Out of baseball since 2008, we really don’t know a lot about how good Sheets is these days and how he’s recovered from his surgery for a torn flexor tendon in his right elbow.  What we do know is that he’s supposedly looking for $10-12 million per year which just isn’t going to happen.  His last year in the majors was 2008 when he started 31 games, going 13-9 with five complete games and 198.1 innings pitched, along with 1 3.09 ERA and a 1.15 WHIP.  Not bad, right?  When not hurt, he’s an innings-eater.  Before the need for elbow surgery was discovered, Sheets was on track to sign a two-year deal with the Rangers before the 2009 season.

What we do know is that Ned loves a good late-season deal.  Let’s look back on Orlando Hudson.  At the time, there was a lot of concern about his surgically-repaired wrist and teams were hesitant to give him a multi-year contract.  Ned worked him out very late in the off-season and eventually signed him on to an incentive-based contract for one year, paying him a base salary of $3.38 million plus another $4+ million in incentives.  Not bad, right?  At the time, this contract looked like a steal. 

In the end, Hudson went on to an All-Star year, playing in 149 games (until being benched by Joe Torre in favor of Rafael Belliard), batting .282 with 62 BI, 9 HR, 8 SB and 35 doubles (a career high).  In addition to being named a 2009 All-Star, he also won a Gold Glove for his defensive prowess.  All of this netted him a whopping $7.99 million.  I don’t have a problem with the Dodgers paying for performance, and I appreciate Ned’s business philosophy of focusing on shorter-term details that are tied to pay-for-performance models and incentives that reward the players for delivering while limiting the Club’s financial exposure when a high-degree of risk is involved.

In the end, it will come down to how well Sheets pitches on Tuesday and how much interest there is from other clubs, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Ned try to land Sheets with a Hudson-type of contract structure if he pitches halfway decently, especially given the rumored financial difficulty the Dodgers are currently facing.

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Dodgers’ Winter Development Program Offers Valuable Lessons for Top Prospects

I had a chance to attend part of the Dodgers’ third annual Winter Development Program this afternoon at Dodger Stadium.  In essence, this is training for the organization’s top prospects in what it takes to be successful as a Los Angeles Dodger (both on and off the field).  Activities in this intensive ten-day program include workouts with coaches and major league players, seminars, visits from Dodger legends and community visits.

Participants included pitchers Chris Withrow, Josh Lindblom, Javy Guerra, Kenley Jansen, Aaron Miller, Ethan Martin, Armando Zerpa, Carlos Monasterios, John Ely and John Link.  Attending position players included A.J. Ellis, Russell Mitchell, Dee Gordon, Andrew Lambo, Trayvon Robinson, Kyle Russell, Matt Wallach and Jesse Mier.

While I was out at Chavez Ravine today, I also saw Ramon Troncoso and Blake DeWitt working out, and Matt Kemp was reportedly at the facilities yesterday.

Following the workout, I had a chance to catch up with a few of the team’s top prospects, including shortstop Dee Gordon, pitcher Jon Link, converted pitcher Kenley Jansen and pitcher Ethan Martin.  Following are a few quotes:

Shortstop Dee Gordon (Topps Minor League Player of the Year, Dodgers’ Minor League Player of the Year, Midwest League Prospect of the Year, and league co-Most Valuable Player)

On His Favorite Part of the Winter Development Program: “I love the Dodger legends.  To hear some of their stories from Sweet Lou (Johnson), Tommy Davis, Maury (Wills), Aaron Sele, Tim Wallach and Steve Garvey.  Those guys have some great stories for us.”

On His Goals for the Upcoming Season: “Win a minor league championship.” (Gordon was very serious when he said this – I loved the competitive fire inside his soft-spoken voice)

Pitcher Ethan Martin (Dodgers’ 2008 #1 Draft Pick)

On the Winter Development Program: “It’s great.  A great experience.  This is the second time I’ve been in LA and love the city.  It’s just great to be here around the older guys in the organization, but then you got McDonald, DeWitt and all of them that have been up here to  experience this, and it’s just great to see and learn from them.”

On Spending Time with the Dodger Legends: “That was amazing.  Just hanging out with them and hearing all of their stories.  It’s something you dream about.  When you’re growing up, you see all these stories and watch all of this stuff on TV about them, and then all of a sudden you’re eating dinner with them. That was just a shock to me.  Wow, you’re really meeting these guys and really eating with them.”

On the Person Who Has Made the Biggest Impression on Him: “I have to go back to Aaron Sele.  He’s one of our coaches, but just hanging out with him, he can relate to us.  He wasn’t there too long ago, so he knows how tough it is.  Other coaches are saying the same thing, and I do understand, but the way he talks to us…he just comes across so genuine and understanding.  I get a lot from him.”

On His Goals for the Upcoming Season: “Just to go out and try to stay healthy and get my innings in and compete in every single outing I have.  My main goal last year was to just compete and learn my mechanics.  I think I’ve got a hold of my mechanics…they’re not perfected, but I just want to go out and put out a strong outing every single time I walk out on the mound.”

Pitcher Kenly Jansen (Dodger pitcher converting from catcher)

On the Person Who Has Made the Biggest Impression on Him: “The one that made an impression on me always, and I always love and laugh a lot, is Tommy Lasorda.  Always telling great stories and what a great story he had.  I learn a lot from him, listening to what he says.”

On His Transition from Catcher to Pitcher: “It’s going pretty good.  I’m feeling comfortable and natural.  I keep working on it, but it seems like it’s going pretty good right now.  This year I have a lot of time to work on it and especially learn from all the pitchers that have a lot of experience, like JMac (James McDonald), Ramon Troncoso…Aaron Sele.  I’ve been learning a lot at how to work at pitches and how to get prepared as a pitcher.”

On His Goals for the Upcoming Season: “My goal is every time I go out there, just play hard, stay focused, make great pitches…and get better every day.”

Pitcher Jon Link (Reliever acquired from the Chicago White Sox in the Juan Pierre trade)

On the Winter Development Program: “I’m having a good time and enjoying myself out here.  Getting to know the guys and the facilities.  I think that’s big for guys that have a possibility of playing in Dodger Stadium in the near future.  To get to know the people, the facilities and your way around LA.  I think it’s real important, so that way when you get here, you can focus on playing baseball.”

On How Similar or Different the Winter Development Program is to What the White Sox Offer: “Way different.  The White Sox, to my knowledge, haven’t done anything like this.  I was only with them for a short period, two years.  This is one of the few teams that I know of that do it, and I think it’s a great opportunity for a lot of guys to come out and get to know everybody.”

On His Favorite Moment So Far: “Whenever you talk to Tommy, he’s a character and that’s a guy who knows baseball inside and out.  Things that he says you really hang on to. Because he’s such a great motivational speaker, and he knows how to motivate guys and teams, I think anything he says you really have to stick with.”

On Who Has Shown Him the Ropes in LA: “All of the guys welcome you with open arms.  However you get here, trade, free agent, Rule 5, obviously the Dodgers see you, they like you, they like what you can bring to the ball club.  And I think the Dodger organization as a whole realizes that all the way from the front office down to the players.  This organization is really committed to winning.  So anything, or anybody, that they can get in and help them win, they go after.  The guys have been great as far as welcoming us, the new guys, and showing us around.”

Repko Signs One-Year Deal

This just in: is reporting (citing FOX’s Jon Paul Morosi) that Jason Repko has signed a one-year contract for $500,000, thus avoiding arbitration.  Hopefully this means that Repko (or Xavier Paul) are at the head of the line to be the team’s fourth outfielder. 

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Matt Kemp and Rihanna Hit People Magazine

While the baseball and entertainment worlds have been colliding once again over the Matt Kemp and Rihanna news, coverage has hot a new high with People Magazine covering the romance in their latest issue.  Dodger fans will find the story amusing as the story is called “Five Things To Know About Rihanna’s Beau.”  Nothing new for Dodger fans, but it’s interesting to see how the mainstream media is portraying Matt.  Here’s an excerpt:

He’s Nicknamed “The Bison”
During his second major league game in 2006 against the Atlanta Braves, Kemp stole second base, prompting TV announcer Don Sutton to say Kemp looked like “a big buffalo running around the bases” – and a nickname was born.

While I’m certainly happy for Matt, I just hope he keeps things in perspective and doesn’t stray too far away from his off-season conditioning program that he’s been Tweeting about over the past few months.  We need another big season from The Bison in 2010!

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