November 26, 2014

New Dodgers Owner Bobby Patton Seems Like a Regular Guy

Yesterday the CBS affiliate in Dallas had a great story on Bobby Patton, one of the five partners of Guggenheim Baseball Management that now own the Dodgers.

The piece has some detail on Patton’s life in Fort Worth, Texas, but what really comes through is that he seems like a regular family guy who loves his sports teams (he’s a lifelong Rangers fan, loves the Texas Longhorns and has Dallas Cowboys season tickets). There were two parts of the article that me smile and realize how refreshing this ownership group really is.  The first was when Patton asked if would have to pay for parking, or if there was some perk that came along with being an owner:

Perhaps the fact that, as a MLB owner, he can walk into any ballpark in the major leagues makes up for that.  That’s certainly a good perk but, ever the thorough businessman, he was curious about parking.

“I was a little bit embarrassed when I asked this question.  ‘What about parking?  Is there a parking aspect of this?’  A fella looked at me and said ‘Well, most of the owners usually have a driver’.  I was like ‘oh, well I knew that. I was just asking,” he says with a smile.

The other great moment was when he was offered one of Matt Kemp’s bats during a tour of Dodger Stadium:

At the heart of it, Patton is first and foremost a fan of the game.  The new owner was even reluctant to take home a souvenir from one of his first tours of Dodger Stadium.

“The clubhouse manager said ‘if you want to take a bat home to your kids you can.’  I was like ‘I can’t take Matt Kemp’s bat’ and he said ‘No, you really can.’”

His son and daughter now have Kemp’s and Andre Ethier’s bats hanging in their rooms.

All in all, it’s great to see an ownership group that has a little humility.  Can’t wait to see who Patton roots for if the Dodgers meet the Rangers in the World Series.

Photo Credit: Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers 2012