December 19, 2014

5th Annual Dodgers Blogger Night…Tonight!

Yup, it’s back and Alex and I will be on hand for the festivities. We’ll be catching the game from Ned Colletti’s suite, and hearing from Ned and Stan Kasten (among other special guests) during the course of the game.

This event has really become one of the highlights of the season, primarily due to the way the Dodgers embrace social media and the true openness by their executives and staff.  Looking forward to more of the same tonight, and also catching up with some of our favorite blogging brothers and sisters.


  1. Woo Hoo! Best night of the year! I look forward to seeing you

  2. First congrats to the new dodgers owners and I’m glad that you locked down either and kemp. I think that loney should be sent own and work on tis hitting a bit,he’s trying to hard to hit the ball,and he should clear his mind and just play the game. The black hole at third should be traded with a pack of aa players and pick up a bat. Someone under 30,heanly would be good,and I like b j upton az and sroento,( sorry ) . And they can work the deal with the cubs for the two pitchers above the rest, pitching wins titles see the giants. I live in sf, grew up in sf and I hate the giants . Bt I think the dodgers should bring in Barry bonds as the hitting coach before he signs with sf, he wants be be apart of the game,look what he’s don’t for poblo..