December 20, 2014

2009 Bobbleheads: Manny, Blake and…Beimel?

Loyal Dodgerfan Readers – Sorry for the delay in posts…a new job for Chris and family obligations from Alex have kept us away, but we’re back, baby and we’re thrilled to have Manny with us.  The Dodgerfan guys are heading to Spring Training in two weeks, and look forward to sharing our perspective on “The Ranch.”

In the meantime, the Dpdgers have announced that Manny and Casey Blake will be the first two bobbleheads of the season.  According to the official press release, “a third bobblehead will depict a player to be named later.”  Joe Beimel anyone?  Yeah, he’s not on the team right now, but the way the Dodgers’ situational lefties are pitching, Ned may have to bite the bulletand go get Joe.  The guy was money for the Blue last year, with a 5-1 record, a 2.02 ERA, 32 Ks and 21 walks over 49 innings.  You can afford Beimel, Ned.  Plus you KNOW the fans would rejoice with voting Joe back in as the fan-favorite for the third bobblehead.

Let’s join Joe’s #1 fan, Troy from West Virginia in saying BRING BACK BEIMEL!


  1. Gibby's Limp says:

    They did a Joe Beimel bobblehead last year. Troy has a video (or 10) up about just that from last season…

  2. DodgerFan says:

    Thanks Gibby. We love Troy’s videos and were hoping the Dodgers would come to their senses and re-sign Joe so we could have a shot of a second bobblehead. Alas, he went to the Nationals. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. It would be cool to have joe back but a joe bobblehead again why not dewitt or ethier or lonely kemp broxton