December 18, 2014

12-0, Baby!!

Would you have ever believed before the season started that the Dodgers would be 12-0 at home with Jeff Friggin’ Weaver locking down the W and what sounded like an unbelievable catch by the O-Dog in the 1st.  Crazy stuff is afoot at the Ravine.  As Dylan notes, the last team to start 12-0 at home was the Detroit Tigers 98 years ago in1911 (which predates Tiger Stadium, by the way).  Crazy!

I believe it was Charley Steiner who reminded us listening to the game tonight on the radio that the D-Backs started last season 20-8, so it’s important to not get ahead of ourselves, but it sure is fun to enjoy the ride, isn’t it?

Who’s going tomorrow (besides me) to see the guys go for that 13th win against the Nationals during Joe Beimel’s first return to Dodger Stadium since the team released him?  Oh, it’s going to be a treat indeed!